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The (real) Secret
(06-20-2020, 01:05 PM)Jeffery Wrote: Truer words were never spoken. I would also add that everyone should have a Vested Interest.  I have learned from experience (positive and negative) each person should have a financial investment in the business, especially a business with an expectation of financial gain.

I agree, especially if you are true partners. There's also a lot of casual teams that can be formed.

Here's an example than all skill levels could do, finding the right matches is the key:
  • 5 people get together to form a loose agreement to help each other.
  • If none of you have built a following on FB, each agrees to join relevant FB groups with the goal of adding value to each and then reaching out and "friending" people in those groups.
  • If you already have a decent audience of people interested in what you have to offer, look for FB friends that share similar goals and have similar reach.
  • Now you all just share each others' "important" posts.
If you have 4 others sharing your important posts you are in essence getting 5 times your reach on FB for free, just by agreeing to share their posts too.

This makes sense and sounds easy. But finding people (let alone 5) that are dependable and in this for the long term are hard to find.

Also, these types of teamwork shouldn't be a main marketing plan. It should just be part of a daily marketing routine. How long does it take to share someone's posts? (Hint: It isn't the time. It's the discipline.)
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