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CXL Digital Marketing Training?
Does anyone know anything about CXL? They are "supposed to" offer advanced marketing classes. They have a pretty good selection of marketing classes:

Here's some free classes:
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Hey, I heard a lot about CXL courses from my friends. Everyone just was like, "you should definitely try it!". I was choosing between these courses and the Electrician ones. The four-year apprenticeship programs cost between $250 & $1,420 per year, and I couldn't combine both due to the lack of money. I didn't choose CXL courses back in the day. But 2 years ago I've got an opportunity to try them because I had some free time and money. I tried the Conversion optimization course. I learned a lot of new things there, but it wasn't interesting for me, and I stopped. Actually, I think it's my problem, if you are interested in marketing and you wanna learn something new, these courses can help you. Good luck!
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