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What have you wasted money on for IM?
(05-16-2020, 04:10 AM)10x Wrote: For example, I haven't even opened the $1 great JF copywriting deal from a couple of weeks ago. I have a lot of reasons and excuses but in the end, it's still not opened much less used.

Yeah...that's why I didn't get it. It wasn't the $1 it was that I have too many other things on my To Do list and it would have either been a distraction or I wouldn't have watched it. When Jefferyt said the first one was a webinar I knew I wouldn't have the time...
Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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What have you wasted money on for IM? - by Kurt - 05-15-2020, 08:41 AM
RE: What have you wasted money on for IM? - by Kurt - 05-16-2020, 07:18 AM

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