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Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly
Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

Came across a nifty article today that applies to niche research and the problem some of us have when we need content for any niche we are not familiar with in terms of writing niche content.

Imagine if you will, you have an idea for a new niche, you do user intent research as it relates to targeted traffic, SEO research aka buyer keywords, etc. and you know from the data you've collected that the niche could be profitable.

Then comes the proverbial writer's block of sorts. Content is needed and a lot of it strategicaly placed in front of potential buyers.

This article speaks to that and even though it is a reprint from 2016 it is sourced from some very authoritive people. Content researchers will recognize the names associated with the advise.

In a nutshell here are three excepts from the article that I have heard of before, but never knew the source until today. Side note: I reworded some of the excerpts for my own digital library.

1. First, Google Once Then Start Sketching
To build a quick overview of what other people have said — and then stop Googling.

2. Get Inside the Right People’s Heads (Not Just the Experts’)
The secret isn’t just talking to smart people. It’s "talking to the right smart people."

3. Teach to Know
Two kinds of knowledge: the shallow kind, which only reveals the names of things, and real knowledge, which comes from truly understanding how they work.

Write out everything you know about the subject as if you were teaching it to someone else. Not your smart friend but rather a toddler. This may sound silly, but this part is incredibly important and has worked wonders

Break down the problem and practice explaining what you want the reader learn in simple language that anyone could follow.
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