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Pheeds Video VIP Downloads
Video VIP only $19 - One time payment, no monthly charges.
Available for Pheeds Phorum members only. If you're not a member, you can register here for free:

Once you register and log in, you can order access here:

Here's just some of what you're getting:

Exclusive Membership to the private Video for Marketing Forum

Here's a few topics in your membership forum:
  • Segment Clicks To Dramatically Improve Results
  • List of Local Business/Services and Biggest Cities in US
  • The “Almost Like Magic” Amazon Review Trick for Making Sales Videos
  • How to Make Videos from Static Images
  • As a DIY video maker, I love this commercial.
  • Cool and Quick YouTube Tricks
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Build Your Own Youtube-like Site with Free Video Sharing Scripts
  • Tons and tons of ideas for Youtube videos
  • Possible Youtube Ranking Factor?
  • Lesson: Search and discovery on YouTube
  • Quick Copywriting Tips for Creating Videos.
  • My Recommended Cheap Video Tools for Folks on a Budget
  • Cheap Celebrity Shout Outs
  • Best Free Video Editors
  • Free Stock Video Resources

Plus you're getting all these products and downloads too:

91 Spokes People Videos    - Reg. price $12.98

A BIG collection of video sales letters for 89 different niches. Plus there's two "generic" videos that you can use for virtually any and all niches. And all 91 video sales letters are recorded by a variety of professional spokespeople.

Sales page/more info:

Avatar Pro "Streamlined" Version - Reg. price $5

275 animated characters for a variety of niches

Sales page/more info:

Blackboard Jungle Whiteboard Video Image Collection - Reg. price $22

Make "chalkboard" videos that look they were hand drawn with chalk on a blackboard with this image collection.

Sales page/more info:

Cartoon Hands and Feet - Only available here.

Here's some cartoon hands and feet for you. These are great to use with smiley faces and there's a bunch available for free and they could be used with a number of other clipart images to give them "life".

Emotion Folks - Reg. price $17.95

MASSIVE collection of still and animated images that will stir the emotions in your viewers, starting with Rick Stickman.

Sales page/more info:

Emotion Potion and The Video Gap Download - Reg. price $22.00

The perfect combination to create effective marketing videos that get results. Tons of the highest quality animated characters that display a range of emotions. Also includes The Video Gap, the fast, easy and effective system for writing video marketing videos that get results.

Sales page/more info:

Face To Face Animated Character Creation Kit - Reg. price $22

A big assortment of animated "face parts" you add to clipart to make static images come to life. Includes a gigantic collection of clipart ready to use with your Face To Face animations, or use your own clipart to create zillions of combinations of animated mascots and characters.

Sales page/more info:

Pics That Pop - Reg. price $22.00  

A one of a kind collection of images that will give your video and graphics projects more "pizazz".

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint Animated Cartoon Backgrounds - Uber Collection - Reg. price $27.00

4 collections of customizable PowerPoint cartoon backgrounds can be used in tons and tons of niches.

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint King Tuts 2 - Reg. price $16.95

The  purpose of King Tuts V2 is to help you create great-looking marketing videos using PowerPoint that will make you more money while saving you money and time.

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint Paradise - Reg. price $17.95

A potent combo of PowerPoint tricks, tips and secrets for getting free images, mascots and characters, plus a unique collection of useful and interesting graphics to enhance your videos and increase engagement.

PowerPoint Power Slides Collection - Reg. price $9.00

A unique package of PowerPoint tips, slides and images.

Sales page/more info:

Stock Music + Idioms + Marketing Quickies - Reg. price $14.95

Music for your videos...the best stock music collection, plus over 75 video marketing quickies stock video clips as well as "Kurt's Marketing Idiom Collection" to help you make better marketing videos.

Sales page/more info:
Available for Pheeds Phorum members only. If you're not a member, you can register here for free:

Once you register and log in, you can order access here:


Hope to see you in the private Video for Marketing Forum soon!
Here's direct access links: (You have to be logged in to Pheeds and a member to get access)

Video for Marketing Private Forum

Video VIP Downloads

You can also access them from the Pheeds Phorum Homepage:
[Image: VideoVIPAccess.jpg]

Thanks again and see you there... Shy

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