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Ideas for Promoting Pheeds, Or Any Program, Affiliate Offer Ect.
This is an idea for promoting pheeds with a rebrandable pdf.  I have not made one yet but I thought I'd share.

How many people are joining other earning forums or programs to get "coin"?  There are quite a few out there.

Well feeds compliments them because it can allow someone to create an earning forum of their own. so if you
do this you may be much more targeted in your advertising.

Kurt mentioned somewhere that he'd like to promote pheeds with rebrandable pdf's.  So that got me thinking of
a good way to do that and combine these earning forums to get referrals.  This will kill two birds with one stone
and get you some free cash.  Idea lends itself to any product, any resource list.

You could easily create a rebrandable pdf (you could use any program that allows that
right now. I can think of free open office and paid microsoft office.  In that program use a blank document to create, then use
the resource they have to convert it to pdf.

First join the other earning forums you like then....

In the pdf just make a resource list of those forums with your affiliate links but
advertise pheeds above them as an advertisement.  Use kurts graphics.  Once you get it
set up just add on last little step;  "Rebrand this pdf by going to:"

Its hard to know how super hot these little earning places are.  But I think its more like steaming.  So kurts product
is in high demand.

Here's a few ideas for other thing you can do as lists.  There are tons of sites/blogs that do lists but not rebrandable pdfs.  Most people just use
a lot of content when they do a pdf or rebrandable pdf. If you want an example of one place I know does list pdf's head over to
there are a few over there you could not only learn from but use.

-do a list of places you can sell printables
-do a list of apps that pay in gift cards and paypal
-do a list of other kinds of affiliate programs
-make a pdf full of affiliate youtube videos, for coin earning forums, or gift card apps, you can still add your own affiliate link under
the video.   (back in the day John Rogers did this trick). I bought his training. I do remember that.
-Make a pdf full of places you can flip Your stuff for cash
-do a list of apps for getting gig jobs
-do a pdf of places you get blogging job or earn for blog posting places
-do a pdf of microjob places you can earn from
-do a pdf of places where you can do surveys or a neat strategy for earning from surveys
-do a pdf of places you can earn for listening to music, or watching videos.

There's so many things you can do a list of. Put on your creative hats.
Thanks Claire...I probably said something about rebrandable PDFs for the Pheeds forum, but don't remember the exact context...
I had wanted to come up with some way to market pheeds that was targeted. But had not mentioned it to you.
and low and behold one day We were talking about the warrior forum on one of the threads. And you mentioned how
Allan Says was so good at making rebrandable info products. And you wanted to sell Pheeds that way. And then of
course my light bulb went on and I felt like one and two were falling into place.

I am a member at a couple other
forums where there is a coin currency (although I only come here now) lol as this is my thing and the kind of people
who join those other forums are not my kind of people.

And anyways I was playing phone games to try to go to sleep and I started
trying to devise a way to combine rebrandable pdfs and those other forums to earn on those while yours also gets
marketed as the main program. I figure you win that way because at least the targeted part is coin currency on
phorums. NotE: I used PH lol its catching.

The thing is I think your product for making coin currency forums is so innovative and it also combines affiliate marketing
and it needs to get out there in a targeted way. Was thinking it way before we had the conversation.

I am hoping some others will join in and come up with "OTHER" targeted ways to promote stuff mostly your forum.
One of the PDF marketing things I used to do was an Online Branded PDF Creator.

Monthly members would go to a page >> Insert their affiliate I.D. >> Hit a submit button >> and a receive a download link to a branded PDF document.

For years I paid content-writers to provide 'niche content' that members would promote with their own affiliate links.

After my overhead, my ROI was between $1K and $1.5K monthly.

The only 'real time' work on my end was organizing the Virtual Assistants and creating the PDF myself. About 1 hour weekly after we ironed out my expectations.

The same could be done with Claire's idea.

Side note: The only reason I stopped doing that was the advent of the cell phone. The tablet had yet to go mainstream.

Two Questions.. Given that 2020 tablets and cell phones with larger screens compared to the old days of small screens I can see where it would provide value to Digital Marketers in 2020 and could very well be a great way to promote Pheeds with your referral link?

I believe members receive Cow Chips for referrals?
Thanks Claire...thanks Jeffery,

I don't have cow chips for referrals right now. My "theory" is/was for folks to use affiliate links to refer people here.

I'm adding some more stuff to the Pharmers Market and they'll all be in the same W+ offer/funnel so you can promote them (and the phorum) and get paid. But to be honest...I'm concerned about the economic situation.

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