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Why do you think RAP music has been so popular for so long?
Why do you think RAP music has been so popular for so long?

I like American music history and most types of American music is popular for 10 years, or about a generation. Rag, Big Band and original rock and roll like Chuck Berry and Elvis were popular for around 10 years.

For this discussion I define rock and roll as Elvis stuff and "rock" as post 1965 or so, after the British Invasion. Rock has lasted for a few decades but it doesn't dominate like it did in the 60-80s.

Rap started in about 1980 and new-ish rap stars are still popular and famous.

I think it's popular because it's so simple and everyone thinks they could be a rapper. It doesn't take any musical skill with an instrament (practice, practice, practice) and everyone can talk...but few of us can sing.
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Well I always thought Rap began in the black communities and got popular that way. Then it became popular with everyone
but I could be all washed up about that. What i'm pretty sure about but not 100% is that we white folks have gotten addicted
to black music in a similar way that way we are addicted to break dancing. And also dancing like a robot I don't know if that
falls under break dancing but that kinda dancing is popular with the kids, all kids. Rap is a kind of coming to be that rock and
roll or the other types of music you mentioned can't live up to because you are telling a story in certain way when you rap.
When you sing the stories are different. Nothing is like rap. Of course you'd really have to ask a rapper. Just mho.
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