Poll: Is it unethical to "retarget jack" adding retargeting pixels to links?
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Do you think retargeting jacking is unethical?
'Retargeting jacking" is when you post a redirect link that includes adding a retargeting pixel.

For example, you post a link on FB to an article on Forbes.com. Someone clicks on the link, but instead of being taken directly to the Forbes article, the link sends them to a script that adds a retargeting pixel then forwards the clicker to the Forbes article.

This lets the person on FB that created the link to build a custom audience from their pixels that are interested in topics like the Forbes article.

Unlike typical link jacking, retargeting jacking doesn't steal the authority or opinion of the destination site or put that site in frames. I don't think there's any issue here.

However, is it unethical to add tracking pixels to the people interested in article you posted without them knowing for you to market to in the future?
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I know it happens Kurt because I see the same thing I just looked at all over the place minutes later
and  i seriously hate it when I find an ad open on my computer and I don't know how it got there.
I'm inundated with emails and ads everywhere  so mostly i go piffff who cares but there are some people
who hate it that their privacy is being taken advantage of and those type of people are also sometimes revengeful.

I wouldn't say it is unethical.  People who are into this don't think that way they only think of themselves and what they can get
from retargeting its kind of a selfish thing to me.  It does not think of the other person..

Market that way to a marketer all you want but average people just shopping around are probably
thinking yeah I think thats unethical.
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I don't see a problem when there is a statement on your site the user can click an X to close and continue exploring your content. That means the user can opt to continue viewing your site or discontinue viewing your site.

Personally I don't do it, but thats just me.
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