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How would you design these postcards?
Thanks Jeffery..

I agree red and yellow are the most eye-catching colors. The issue is I'm using an inkjet and those solid colors over that large an area won't print well and will probably double my printing costs. In reality, my image wouldn't actually be light blue, I just did that show the outline would show up on this forum better.

My body font is serif which I "think" (I've read but can't confirm) reads better in print while sans serif is better for viewing on a monitor.

Also, instead of a phone number I'm sending them to the domain itself where there will be a little more copy as well as a "buy now" button. If someone wants it now, I want to make sure they can buy it now.

Another question is....what about the other side? Just repeat the same stuff to make sure it's seen?

It's a fun discussion...
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How would you design these postcards? - by Kurt - 02-28-2020, 05:31 AM
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