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Arguing on the Net
Ever notice how many arguments and flame wars on the net are about unprovable things? People take such strong positions on things that are unknowable, but they are RIGHT. I'm not talking about marketing, but it happens in IM too. 

I've seen football fans argue for weeks over what player a team should draft without anyone ever being to prove they are right because they both can't be drafted. There's also the possibility that they're both right or that they're both wrong.

With me I often pick a side of a debate based on the reasoning of a person, not the outcome. Knowing that the past doesn't equal the future is pretty much Logic 101.

This means it is NOT logical to say that the sun will rise tomorrow because it rose today. It may be correct and logical doesn't mean correct. But the reasoning/logic is wrong. The sun will rise tomorrow because the earth spins and orbits around the sun, not because the sun rose today.

I'm not arguing that the sun won't rise tomorrow, only that it won't rise because it rose yesterday.
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(02-20-2020, 06:05 PM)Kurt Wrote: I'm not arguing that the sun won't rise tomorrow, only that it won't rise because it rose yesterday.

I'll let you know in a few minutes since my today is your tomorrow.  Rolleyes
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Kurt just summed up every sports talk show, podcast, radio show, etc on the planet (or at least in the USA)

It's fun (sometimes) getting into discussions such as "who is the best QB of all time". Yes, you can throw in some stats here and there but there are arguments that can be made for the era the player played in and so forth. Yet NONE of the arguments made can be considered stone-cold facts. They're all just opinions.

Too many folks these days can't stand it when others have a different opinion and try to get violent. That goes with just about anything, not just sports.
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Honestly I don't know what the heck is going on.  I've never seen people so stuck into stuff. 
Someone said, "People don't like people to disagree" but it was never this bad online with the arguing.

What ever happened to "you are entitled to your opinion"?  Why is threatening people suddenly a thing?

I will say this too opinions are not always good either.  Since when if you think a certain way that
means its good for you or right?

I bring that up because having an open mind no longer exists and that is a bad thing.
In a lot of ways  People have become immoral and selfish I think. And if you are someone who
likes have an honest discussion or even being kind to someone .... you  must be cracked.

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