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what are some side things you did to get by
Did you ever do some fast little things you did in your life to make some fast cash when you needed to? one time I rented a uhaul and went to a fleamarket with a big sign to hire me on it and got pepole to pay me to deliver some stuff for them. but then I tried it again in a few weeks and no one paid me and I lost my uhaul money.
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When I was a kid, poor kid at that, all 10 years old, I shined shoes at the local small town barber shop and earned enough to buy a pair of hard sole shoes.

Later, earned enough to buy a pair of used cowboy boots.

Wore the boots to a local rodeo and got a job as a extra hand mostly shoveling horse manure. Two years later, that led to a job as a ranch hand where I learned how to ride, mend fences and shovel more horse manure, lol.

That earned me enough money to buy a really bad pickup truck, but it ran. Legal driving age was 16 years old, so I gave a wino one bottle of mad dog 20/20 for his driver license.

Took the truck to a local truck pool where people competed to get their trucks across a pig mud pond. When they got stuck I pulled them out for $5 a shot. Lot of money back in those days. Messy job though. Still, made $50 to $75 a night which was more money than the town lawyer earned I found out later.

Years forward, after a college education and a stint in the service and a stint as a government contractor, two wives and countless kids I sometimes wish I was still shining shoes. Life was much simpler back then and no job was too demeaning or too good when a man earned an honest living.

Now it is the year 2020. Point is.. take what you already got and be creative with it to the point that you learn to capitalize.
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