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Life Before or After the Net?
Before the internet I was always bored out my skull.. My sister and I were forever NOW WHAT?
What a time that was. And we had T.V but saturdays were cowboy movies. Oh I got so sick of those.

I just asked my mom when she got her first t.v she said 1948 (shes 82). What a hoot that t.v must
have been lol. I can remember when I was little the best thing to watch was comedy and news. That
is all they had but the comedy was clean not like today. My grandfather loved technology he had to
have a T.V (my moms dad) and Dad's Family had one too. My grandmother on my Dads side loved

Do you remember tuning in t.v's. I was the kid so it was always, Claire go fix the t.v Claire the t.v

In the 90's my Dad bought a couple kinds of portable t.v's to use at his job. They barely worked.
sold them on ebay for about $50 ea.

On a side note: Watched an old "ellen" video the other day
and boy was she funny when she was young. The peanut thing haha. See youtube for that one.

I digress.

Back then we had no good way to earn a living if we had no job. To start a business was nearly
impossible. Mailorder?

Telephones were so nuts. We had a party line with my next door neighor. Excuse me may i ask,
How much longer will you be? Ok thanks so much. Every darn phone call. Payphones were a
virus waiting to happen and usually filthy. How did we kids survive the outside adventures on our
bikes without cellphones. so yeah.

Bad before good now. The alternatives are hard to looks past. NEVER BORED AI! if you stream
you can watch great movies for the rest of your life if you have nothing better to do and the
money making opportunity only is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Plus you now have great working smartphones and you carry games in your pocket. No more arcade hopping! Defo AI

The only good thing about before the internet was that you took time to think things through. I
don't do much of that anymore, or read.
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