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Your thoughts about luck in business
I've heard good arguments for and against luck being involved in a person's sucess. I think a lot depends on how we define "luck". For me, luck is the random results of events we have no contol over.

I generally agree that those that work hard put them in more positions to to "get lucky" and many earn their "luck". On the other hand I believe there are random events that can overcome hard work, intelligence, wisdom, etc. And I believe that with everything else being equal, some will have better results than others.

For an example of luck, take a look at the coronaivirus scare that is starting at the time I'm writing this post. It's hurting the sales of Corona beer as some people think the two are connected. Corona had no control over this situation.

Coronavirus/Corona beer Reminds me a a "diet candy" sold in the US in the early 80s and earlier called Ayds. It didn't work out too well for them and they took the product off the market. Through no fault of their own their product was basically killed.

"Lose weight deliciously with the aid of Ayds."

And since I believe in bad luck I also believe in good luck. There are also good things that happen to people that are beyond their control.

What do you think? Do you believe luck plays a factor in business?
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Your thoughts about luck in business - by Kurt - 01-29-2020, 07:11 PM

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