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Press Releases for Traffic
(06-22-2022, 01:14 AM)Claire Koch Wrote: he obviously does not give us what you do Kurt I leave his videos feeling empty handed i never leave here feeling that way.
He's a better marketer than I am. Mostly because he's a lot more money motivated than I am. Wink

I strongly agree with him about things like letting the research dictate your niches and "flipping the market", which is thinking about what a person really wants when they do a search.

My biggest issue with him is his math and I've seen a few other YouTube'ers do the same thing. They bring up the total number of video views, then use the example, "what if only one out of a hundred people that viewed your videos bought your affiliate product"?

First, we can use any number we want...why do we assume it's 1%? But more importantly, that 1% isn't buyers. That's the number of people that may click the link in the video description. Then apply the 1% to THAT number, which is 1 out of 10,000 people to view a video may buy something. 1 of 100 people click and 1 of 100 of THOSE people buy something.

Why do they leave out the clicking step? Marcus likes to brag about how long he's done IM. It works both ways. With all of his experience, he should know better.
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