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Press Releases for Traffic
(05-20-2021, 10:58 PM)Kurt Wrote: Here's a good intro video for using press releases to drive traffic. IMO the main take away from the video is to use press releases as direct sources of traffic and not as a link building method or as a means to get the press and media to contact you.

I disagree slightly that links picked up by Google have zero SEO benefits because they are nofollow. IMO a good, natural mixture of links, which includes nofollow links, will help your over-all linking profile.

I'm not sure what further press release strategies he includes in his advanced (pay for) training, but one important thing I want to add is that you can, and probably should, treat your press releases that are picked up on authority sites as "parasite pages" and do some modest linking and social sharing of the press releases. If you are a member of The Frontier or have Pheed Me Traffic, add your indexed press releases to these resources.

One tip he shows in the video can be taken  a step further. Check to see how quickly press release submission sites (free and paid) are indexed by Google. Do this by performing a google likeConfusediteTonguerlog.orgThen sort the results by the Past 24 Hours or even Past Hour to see how quickly (if) Google picks up press release submissions.

I'm not an expert on press releases but also check if they allow YouTube videos. This can be a good way to increase your YouTube and Google video rankings with external embeds, links and views.

Agree with you on the no follow links because Google wants it to be natural.  This is one of my
absolute favs for getting traffic from back in the day.  I'm so glad to see its still working.  Love
that guy marcas clayton. He gives away so much info followed him since the start just because
of that. btw think i used to ping my press releases they got indexed fast back then.
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