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The BIG list of premium marketing tools that offer free trials
Here's a bunch of links to marketing tools that offer free trials.

  • I'm not affiliated with any of these services in any way.
  • Many of these trials may require you to enter a credit card. I've posted on a few links below that some don't require a credit card...but be sure to do your own due diligence.

  • Set reminders for when your trials end if you plan on cancelling. Don't expect companies to break the terms of the agreement you agreed to and especially look out for yearly commitments. When getting a free service in is your responsibility to cancel on time.
  • A downside to using free short-term trials is the learning curve for each. For some of the more valuable trials I suggest you research the service, Youtube and Google for training before signing up. Get a running start and be as familiar with the services while you're on the time-limited trial as possible.
  • I didn't include trials to "ongoing" services like email and hosting where you need to keep paying after the trial period expires to keep the benefits of the tool.
With that said, there are literally thousands of dollars worth of free trials for you to take advantage of, all with a lot of benefits including educational and productivity. Often you can set a solid foundation using free trials that will benefit you and your business for some time in the future.

Not to mention the big advantage of testing something for free. If it works, keep paying. If not, move on.

SEMRush - Free 30 day trial.

Mangools SEO tools from Brian Dean - Free 10 day trial.

SurferSeo SEO audit, content edit and planner, more - $1 for a 7 day trial

MOZ Site audits, Backlink analysis, Keyword research - full access to Moz Pro free for 30 days
KD tool:

Alexa - 14 day free trial then $149 a month. Offers Content Research, SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Audience Analysis, Alexa Certified Rank

Bright Local - 14 day free trial - no card needed. Multiple tools for local SEO.

* - This is a "paid" trial of $7 for 7 days. I included it because it offers some features with a great deal of potential for the price.

Market Muse -Free 7 day trial - "Our patented AI collects and analyzes your content, prioritizes your best opportunities based on Authority and ROI, and builds industry-leading topic models so you can always write the best content on any topic."
UberSuggest - Free 7 day trial

WriterZen - A pretty good keyword tool that does some of what HREFs does and assists in researching and writing SEO friendly content.
7 day free trial.

Social Marketing

Buzz Sumo -  Free 30 day trial

Buffer - 14-day free trial plans start at $15 per month.  Social media management and engagement tool.

Social Animal - Find and analyze top performing content for any topic or competitor. -  Try Social Animal free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Sprout Social - Free 30-day trial

LinkedIn has a free 1 month trial for LI Premium.

LinkedIn Navigator also has a free 1 month trial - "Find leads and close deals with LinkedIn Sales Solutions."

How to cancel:

Hubspot's "all in one marketing software" 14 day free trial.

Viral Loops - "template-based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers." Has free trials of their various options.
BuzzStream - Free 14 day trial - "Get More Links, Traffic, and Coverage."

Keyword Chef - Added Oct. 24, 2021 - An interesting keyword tool It has a couple of cool features, especially how it rates competition for keywords. When you enter a root keyword, Keyword Chef grabs the top 10 URLs for each keyword phrase and then shows the number of "weak" sites in the Top 10 for that keyword phrase. Looks expensive but offers a free trial.

Marketing Automation

Zapier automation has free and 14 day free trials of premium services:

Dux Soup is a Chrome browser plugin that extracts Linkedin contact info and has a free trial:

Data Miner Chrome plugin has an "interesting" free trial license:
Quote:** The free plan gives you 500 pages/month. The count resets monthly if you don't exceed the 500 page limit in any given month. If you do exceed the 500 page scrapes in a given month your account is be automatically locked indefinitely. You can unlock your account by upgrading to any of our paid plans.

WebScraper is another web scraper (surprise!) that has a free version along with free trials of premium versions.

PhantomBuster  Marketing Automation - Free 14 day trial and no credit card required.

Notifia has a 30-day free trial for a wide variety of over 30 website widgets for marketing. I think you need to sign up for their newsletter to get the trial?


Replica Studios is an interesting text to speech app that adds emotion to the voices. It has a free trial for 30 minutes of voice-overs. That could be 30 one-minute sales video letters...

SpamZilla - Discovers and checks expired domains for existing backlinks.
Artificial Intelligence Content Writers - Free trial of up to 10,000 words. I'm not sure if that's limited to one project or not? - Free 7 day trial No Credit Card Required. - Free trial. - Free trial. - free 5-day trial -   free trial — no credit card required. - free trial — no credit card required. - free trial — no credit card required.

Email Discovery Services

Name2Email: Free Chrome plugin. Unlimited free searches.
Apollo - Free 150 a month - $19  unlimited
LeadLeaper - Free 100 a month - $29 2000 Credits - Free 200 a month - $49 5000
Voila Norbert: Free 50 a month - $49 1,000
Get Prospect - Free 100  a month - $49 1000
Find That Email: Free 50 free a month - $29 for 500
FindThatLead: 50 free month - $49 for 5000
Hunter: 50 free a month - $49 for 500
Anymail Finder: 90 searches free - $49 for 1000 50 free a month - $39 for 1,000

Expired Domain Tools:

FreshDrop has a free 60 day trial, then $33 a month.

Spamzilla has a free and $37 a month membership levels.

Text to Speech:

Amazon Polly
Standard - 5 million characters per month for first year then $4.00 per 5 million characters
Neural - 1 million characters per month for first year then $16.00 per 1 million characters

Google Text-to-Speech
Limited free trial then:
Standard: $4.00 per 4 million characters
Neural: $16.00 per 1 million characters

ReplicaStudios - (unique voices)
30 minutes free voice credit.
Speech to Text: (free)

If you have any free trials to add please post them below. Thanks.
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