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Dramatic voice overs using AI and text to speech
An interesting, and possibly creepy, feature is the ability to use your own voice to create a voice to use with text to speech. In theory, you could even use someone else's voice and fake what they are appear to be saying, and there are warnings about doing this.

While it seems cool at first, I checked it out a little bit. The first step to get going isn't too bad and you'll need to record your voice speaking some text then wait a few days for them to add it to their system. However, to get a really good end result you'll have to go through another couple of steps of reading and speaking text and uploading it to them. I "think" that last step is reading and speaking something like 150 pages of text.

An interesting benefit, if I understand this correctly, is that you can offer your voice-over for others to use and then get paid a percentage based on how much it's used. I wonder if the more popular voices are making any money?
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RE: Dramatic voice overs using AI and text to speech - by Kurt - 04-12-2021, 03:38 AM

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