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How about some quick emergency tips?
If you have any tips for prepping for disasters and emergencies please post them here. I'm not a "prepper or survivalist" by any means but I do believe everyone should be prepared for a variety of situations, including having a minimum of 2-3 weeks of food, water, meds, etc.

Here's some tips you may not find elsewhere...

A case of Sterno and a folding camping stove. Lighters, matches, candles. I keep a lot of rubbing alcohol on hand and it makes a great fuel for DIY lanterns. 

Two water filters: One for chemicals like a Brita and another for biohazards like a Sawyer. A lot of people in Texas are soon going to wish they had these along with the knowledge of how to purify water. 

Wool blanket and clothes/socks. Unlike almost every other material wool keeps its warming abilities when wet. And remember if it's cold and wet...cotton kills. 

A deck of cards and a pair of dice. Boredom can become a real issue in survival situations. 

If it's cold put a couple of gallon milk jugs filled 3/4 with water outside to freeze then put in your fridge to help keep it cooler and preserve food.  

Nuts and protein powders/"instant breakfasts". These can withstand hot and cold temps, don't require cooking and are calorie and nutrition dense. Canned food won't withstand a freeze. 

Cash. If the power grid goes down your ATM card may not work. 

Keep your car's gas tank full not only for transportation but as an energy source. Have a "go bag" ready with some clothes, medications and important papers that you can grab and go.
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How about some quick emergency tips? - by Kurt - 02-18-2021, 02:25 PM

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