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PowerPoint for Kinetic Text
PowerPoint isn't exactly Adobe Aftereffects but it does offer plenty of options for creating kinetic (moving) text. Kinetic text is very useful as pattern interrupts to grab and keep viewer attention.

I like using kinetic text when I don't have other media like stock images or videos for a particular slide. The great thing about text is you can create a slide about anything with text. And kinetic text makes plain text much more appealing.

An issue with kinetic text is that it can take a lot of time to make impressive animated text. I suggest keeping things easy and just learn a few basics for creating kinetic text in PPT and use them when you are "stuck" without other media.

This video shows a couple of very simple kinetic text techniques for PPT and is for PPT beginners:

Think about how you can create multiple blocks of text so they can be animated individually.

Know the "bounce" and "smooth" ending features.
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