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I think I'm going back to Youtube....
I haven't used Youtube much lately other than uploading (hosting) videos. When they changed the minimum requirements for their monetization it hurt my YouTube strategy quite a bit. I had multiple niche channels. In total they far surpassed YouTube's minimal requirements and they all used the same Google Adsense account, so Google knew they were all me.

And they seemed to make a shift to wanting "stars". I don't want to be onscreen, let alone a "star". I just want to make helpful and interesting videos...and have some benefit for doing so. Their ranking algo also seemed to favor longer videos.

But YouTube's recent addition of Shorts has me motivated to focus more on YouTube again. Shorts fit my own personality better and I like making quick, short videos. I'm not sure how it will go, but I'm excited about this new format.
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I think I'm going back to Youtube.... - by Kurt - 01-29-2021, 01:07 AM

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