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[SHORT CONTENT] New major content type on pretty much all major platforms
I believe the move to "short content" by the major platforms is one of the most profound shifts I've seen for online marketers I've seen and I've been doing IM since 1996. 

Think about the past 4 months Google, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit have ALL major features and platforms to copy TikTok, which copied Instagram, which copied Snapchat. 

More specifically, they all have added "story" or short content platforms. For example, YouTube now has "Shorts", which are vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less. Short content formatted for mobile devices. 

Also Just Recently:
  • Google just launched Web Stories.
  • Pinterest added "Story Pins"
  • LinkedIn added LinkedIn Stories
  • Twitter added Fleets
  • Reddit bought the short content video platform Dubsmash
 Again, this is all in the last few months and in addition to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok short content formats. 

The biggest User Generated Content sites are pretty much shouting at us what they want. They want short content formatted so it downloads quickly, is formatted for mobile phones...and is interesting. 

In 26+ years online I'm not sure if I've ever seen the stars all align quite like this. This is a massive opportunity. Ranking Shorts in YouTube, Stories in Google and Story Pins in Pinterest will never be easier than it is now.

Here's a really good article about short form content and videos:
Quote:What's the one thing Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and Google have in common? Over the past four months, they all launched their own Instagram story-like feature as part of their main product:

The article also brings up this point:
Quote:If you're familiar with the law of shitty clickthroughs, you'll know that each acquisition channel/strategy declines over time. Facebook Ads costs get higher year-over-year. SEO gets harder and harder as time passes, and so on.

There is one thing you can do about this: Keep an eye on new channels, so you can be the first to reap the benefits in case that channel takes off. This is what happened to Austin, the co-founder of Morning Brew.

This is probably something we should keep an eye on...


I've created some threads in the Stampede Training sub forum dedicated to some of the short format platforms and plan on adding more. I'll update the links below as more are added:

[SHORT CONTENT] Pinterest Story Pins for Marketing
[SHORT CONTENT] YouTube Shorts
[SHORT CONTENT] Google Web Stories - Getting Started
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