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Authority Link Sculpting for SEO in 2021
You need to know that I don't do nearly as much SEO as I used to and there may be better ways to get results and other perspectives could be better than mine. But this post is a solid look at SEO using content marketing and linking strategies.

The downside of content marketing:
  • Having to create lots of content, often "long form" of 2,000 or more words for high-quality articles.

  • Posting these great articles on sites you don't own for free.

The advantages of this strategy are:
  • Take advantage of another site's authority in Google for much easier ranking and more potent linking

  • Build an audience of friends and followers

  • Experiment with Linking Strategies without Risk to Your Own Assets

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Link Juice is like Compounding Interest

An important concept is that links create link juice. The only real qualifier is that Google has to know the links exists and accepts them.

For a very general example and NOT accurate, think of a link as a single drop of juice. If you have a page and post a link to another page you now have a drop of juice. And if that page you linked to, now links to another page of benefit, you now have THREE drops of juice.

Again, this is exaggerated a bit to make a point, but understanding that this type of linking, when done strategically will grow the value of all links in the "chain". Again, links create link juice.

Leverage the popularity of another site to drive traffic directly to your own pages, langing pages, etc.

Link Sculpting

Link sculpting is about structuring your links in the most optimal ways you can. My own strategy has always been to just look as natural as possible and working smart by making maximizing time and effort.

Often link sculpting is discussed for your own site's internal linking and for private blog networks. However, I haven't really heard a lot about "Authority Link Sculpting".

The concept is the same, it's just a matter of a little research and planning.
  • Which authority sites allow multiple links in content?

  • Are the links do or nofollow?

  • Can you embed your own Youtube videos or PPT slide decks in your content?

Basic Authority Link Sculpting Strategy:

What site or two that you can post your content to has the best combo of
  • high Google authority
  • AND liberal outlinking opportunities (in context affiliate and do follow?).

Your page (or two) on this site is a money page. Make this page the focus of your Authority Link Cculpting. This page also needs to pass dofollow link juice back to at least one of your own pages for your exact match keyword phrase. Mix up your anchor text EXCEPT with your most valuable link juice asset.


Mix things up a bit with your next campaign, while duplicating what worked best.


At this time is a pretty good Authority site to use as the focus of an authority sculpting project because of its combo of link opps and its Google authority.

Create content for these sites and link to your focus site and "gently"  to each other.

This page has a good list and description of good sites for content marketing:

List of Parasites

List of Web 2.0

Take More Risks with Smaller Bankrolls

There's a principle in gambling that you should take more chances with smaller bankrolls and be more conservative with a larger bankroll. The reason is, small bankrolls are much easier to replace than large bankrolls.

Think of your link networks in terms of the time, money, effort and opportunity of each article you post. Take more risks with your weaker/shorter content on sites with the least authority and opportunties.

For example, try some of the available link packages from a site like SEOClerks and experiment with your "small bankroll" pages. Try pushing some link juice to these sites and to see if these links not only pass juice to this page, but also if this page passes on more juice to your other pages in the linking network.
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