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I'm in a situation...
I live in Estes Park Colorado which was ordered to evacuate a few days ago because of two huge forest fires, one a few miles to the north and the other is headed our way from the west. The west fire (Troublesome fire) was slowed about 1/2 mile from reaching town by the snow. Both fires are still burning. Some folks have been allowed to return to town but should be ready to leave again because the fires aren't totally out and could strt raging again.

I'm out of state visiting family and not in my usual work space so I may not be as available as before. If you need to get a hold of me give me a little extra time, I'm not ignoring you I'm just a little slow and running behind.

Here's a video of a hot spot just a mile or two out of town taken Sat.

This pic was taken in Estes on Sun. While the snow has really helped the fires it didn't put them out and it has hurt the crews trying to reach the fires and one fire truck even slid off the road trying to get to the fire.
[Image: 122822362_2769824833301021_4727377663893...e=5FBC3BDE]
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