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Humble Bundle Graphics - Be a Creative Superhero! With Painter, CorelCAD and CorelDR
(01-26-2021, 09:19 PM)successlane Wrote: Hi , I need help please .I purchased the humble Bundle  Pheeds 1$ offer Pnnacole studio. got my key activated the app installer and was informed tht program finished and installed  but i never got the page or template to sign my key numbers. Idon't know what to do iregistered for an account and downloaded the Pinnnacle software but Ithought we get a editor also with the program ,Which i haven't seen yet. can someone please guide me how to activate this program with the keo code tht just doesn't appear , and please explain to me about the editor itself wher is it found and how to activate the app. Thanks,
This really isn't the Pinnacle's for another offer.

Pinnacle isn't from Pheeds. I just posted a link to what I think is a great deal. You'll need to get tech support from Humble Bundle. I think I remember them having some videos...did you check their site?
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