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What's the missing link?
I think there's something people that work for themselves have that people with jobs don't and it's something I know that I need to feel a lot more in my business.

Let's say you have a job and set the alarm to go off every work day. One night you forget to set it and you wake up late the next morning so you're in total rush mode with the adrenaline pumping trying to get to work on time. You have a sense of URGENCY.

I believe this sense of urgency is essential for those of us working for ourselves too. But it doesn't come easy. We won't be fired if we forget to set the alarm. On the other hand, I've found a lot of people that say they want to start their own businesss have ZERO urgency, which results in them never even getting started.

To make it worse, other people in your life may not understand your need for urgency working for yourself. They don't understand why you "have" to do something now and can't do what they want you to do. They don't understand that the only one "making" you do something is yourself.
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