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Becoming the "Expert"
No one wants to buy from people that are guessing or otherwise don't know what they are talking about. People that make it big, in all areas of business and life, typically are known for their expertise. That doesn't mean they know everything but it means that they are perceived as someone with the qualities and knowledge that can provide helpful and valuable products or services.

One key, in building our perceived expertise, is that almost all of the "gurus" are prolific. They many books, courses, software programs, workshops, etc. Think of someone like Mike Filsaime--putting out stuff for 15-20 years pretty much non-stop. But look outside the IM arena and look at Microsoft or Dr. Phil or Oprah. They put out a bunch of stuff. To the average person, anyone who puts out book after book after book MUST be smart even if the quality sucks. 

Another is that they seem to be everywhere. Gary V, for example, is on all the social media platforms many times a day, email, blog, speeches, podcasts, etc. etc. Gary is at least partially known as the go to guy simply because he is everywhere. 

Of course there are gurus types that are just the opposite such as the creator of the Warrior Forum. No one, that i know of, every met him in person. Some of us had email conversations but that was it. He didn't post his pic everywhere and wasn't on all the social media (of his day). But he's an exception. Most people who make it big follow both keys above.

What would you add?

Do you agree with this post? If not, convince me I'm wrong!
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