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The (real) Secret
Here's a real potent "secret" for building a business online. But like learning to play an old blues song, it's simple but it isn't easy.

And the secret is...building a small team of like-minded people with the sole purpose of promoting the others.

Back in about 2002 there was a group of about 4-5 pretty well known IMers. They all lived in the same city and they'd meet in a little room and talk about how they could promote the other person. They understood that if I said "I'm the greatest" it wouldn't be nearly as effective as someone else saying "Kurt's the greatest".

They would promote each other without affiliate links and say things like, "These aren't affiliate links".

There's other benefits like 5 people can get email subscribers 5 times faster and quickly  multiply their reach.

That's pretty simple, but it isn't easy. Here's the hard part:
  • You probably need to find people of the same experience level.

  • Everyone has to be an asset to the others. Finding people that truly understand what a team is all about is difficult.

  • Each person has to have the same amount of time to dedicate. Some people have jobs and their idea of working on a project is a few hours on the weekend. Others will do IM full time and willing to spend 16 hours a day for a couple of months to get things going.

  • It's amazing how often someone gets "sick" about the same time they are supposed to gte soemthing done so they couldn't do their part.

  • Everyone needs to have similar ethics.

  • Everyone needs to have the same general opinions about quality.
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