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Favorite and least favorite school subjects
What are your favorite and least favorite school subjects?

My favorite was a class I took in college called Human Geography. It was about how people moved and interacted. For example, in America people don't like others within 3 feet of their face but will accept others a foot behind them. In other cultures they will accept someone only a foot in front of their face.

The class also dealt with things like how cities are set up. They all have a high rent downtown surrounded by a low rent industrial warehouse area on some sides.

My least favorite was anything to do with literature. I found (find) the "classics" to be so so so so boring. I don't care she had to wear a red letter. Where's the action? I took a philosophy class and really liked the classroom dicussions but couldn't stand the reading. Talking about Plato was a lot more interesting than reading Plato. Smile
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Favorite and least favorite school subjects - by Kurt - 05-20-2020, 11:50 PM

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