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A stitch in time - basic strategy
(05-01-2020, 12:48 PM)JoeSpirit Wrote: Nice. Ever considered a like button for this forum?

Yes...I even added a like button a while back and have even used it on some of your posts. Wink

I like the concept of "pillar pages" where you create the very best page for a particular topic. Really good pages are easier to promote. It can take a day or even a week to create a great pillar page but they give you a lot of benefits. Every "chunk" of a pillar page is also great for social media posts. If you come up with "71 Essential Things for Nurses During Covid, you also have 71 tweets and FB posts. 

You want to become a "curator". Think of sites like Drudge or Huffington Post (NO POLITICS!) and how they post links to other news stories, but apply it to social media sites where you can post and get traffic. Sign up for FB groups, forums, RSS, subreddits, Google Alerts, etc. and when you find something interesting in one place share it in the others.

After you get your system set up go back to your pillar pages and optimize your traffic by adding retargeting pixels and email optin pages. By posting a lot of quality links for your niche gets people conditioned that what you post is worth a click and not spam. By having a high quality page you'll ensure they'll keep clicking in the future. For marketing don't hang out with your peers and "niche down" at first.

Instead hang out where your customers are. For example if you sell web design services you'll want to hang out with other web designers to learn, chat, etc. is probably better to focus on a niche and hang out where those business people do. Become a web designer specifically for plumbing services and then hang out with plumbers on LinkedIn.
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