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Kings and Queens of Content VIP Access and Downloads
Download the Test Tuelz here:

Unzip them and then watch this 2 minute video to see how to start them:
If they open in your browser, you're all set to go.

You'll get access to more Tuelz modules and training on how to use them in the King of Content VIP membership forum. Just delete the TuelzTest folder and use your new downloads.

Even if you don't get access to the KOC VIP forum, you can still use Moniterz to check your sites, which you should do.

If you have a site or sites, the single most important thing you can do is to make sure they are actually up and people can reach them. You may also be surprised at how often your sites are down or very slow. Moniterz will watch them for you.

How to set up Moniterz:

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