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Covid 19 Survival "caring"marketing Ideas
(05-25-2020, 02:11 AM)Kurt Wrote:
(05-23-2020, 10:19 AM)Jeffery Wrote: A substantial portion of my income is Resturant Consulting for local family owned and operated resturants aka mom-and-pop resturants. Long story short, those resturants have done great during the lockdown in terms of ROI. Here is why, they only serve pickup and drive thru and some (not  all) limited delivery for exclusive clients. Consider 'lunch' in the past all of them served inside the reaturants and now that they have converted to mainly pickup and drive thru there are substantial less operating costs. This has not only become the new norm in positive ways it has also become the new norm for ROI. Simply put, they are making more money today compaired to yesterday. Just keeping a long story short.

Any ideas on how they can expand any more?

A while back a trend started where people would rent little kitchens in a bigger complex to save on rent and inspections,etc. They would even white label pizza. I can see this as an increasing trend, just doing away with dining areas in many cases.

I would think about things like efficiency. Maybe create packages of 5 meals, two fresh and three "fresh frozen". It's easier to prepare and deliver meals like this.

Here in Tn the mom-n-pop resturants and diners serve a population of people that are mainly self-sufficient in many ways. Take lunch for example. Businesses with a dozen to 200 people do lunch in one of two ways: individuals take their lunch to work and the second group orders pizza delivery for small groups of people. There are times one or two people make a run to a fast food resturant for smaller groups of people. Typically on or after payday.

In the above scenerio it is all about fast food and economics, i.e. consume a quick lunch on the cheap. Frozen meals does not meet either fast/economics, though there is sensible room for it in terms of economics, the quick lunch masses typically plan one-day-at-a-time.

Enter mom-n-pop. They serve a limited crowd of people that want quality over fast/economics. Typically, the resturants are diverse in terms of cusine such as italian, country and even asian. The ingrediants are fresh as in off the vein that day or out of the oven that day. Frozen meals are a big no-no in their world and microwaves bring shame and slander into the equation, lol.

What does work for the consumer with a freezer or two is home delivered meat be it directly from a local butcher and in some cases 'under the counter' wild game. When you add 1 + 1 in Tn it comes out to 3 and it all makes some kind of cultural sense, lol.
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