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Covid 19 Survival "caring"marketing Ideas
(04-23-2020, 09:27 PM)Kurt Wrote: I think many local businesses need a Net presence now more than ever.

How can local retail shops sell their products easily and safely? How can they accept and fulfill orders?

Something I've noticed where I live is that a number of local food retailers have started delivering instead, but most don't have a website. Or they have a site but no product details or a way to order them. You see umpteen requests on their Facebook pages for details of available goods, price lists etc. and these don't even get answered most of the time. So should I be offering my site buildiing service? Tough one, and like others have said, it maybe seems a bit opportunistic. However, one nearby farm shop has got a new website done, probably quite expensively as it was a web design team rather than a single freelancer, and you can't even find the site in Google. Not a trace. The Facebook post they made about it is buried under heaps of other posts, and the new link hasn't been added to the page info. I could have done a site much cheaper (probably too cheap, that's another issue) and thrown in some free seo for good measure. So maybe it's less opportunistic and more helping a small business? And one who is likely making the best profits they've had for ages.

P.S. Kurt, you should absolutely try selling your domain just now. You're not forcing anyone to buy it, and it will be a useful acquisition for them and a source of income for you. Nothing wrong with that imo.
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RE: Covid 19 Survival "caring"marketing Ideas - by LynnM - 04-28-2020, 11:11 PM

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