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Ideas for Promoting Pheeds, Or Any Program, Affiliate Offer Ect.
I had wanted to come up with some way to market pheeds that was targeted. But had not mentioned it to you.
and low and behold one day We were talking about the warrior forum on one of the threads. And you mentioned how
Allan Says was so good at making rebrandable info products. And you wanted to sell Pheeds that way. And then of
course my light bulb went on and I felt like one and two were falling into place.

I am a member at a couple other
forums where there is a coin currency (although I only come here now) lol as this is my thing and the kind of people
who join those other forums are not my kind of people.

And anyways I was playing phone games to try to go to sleep and I started
trying to devise a way to combine rebrandable pdfs and those other forums to earn on those while yours also gets
marketed as the main program. I figure you win that way because at least the targeted part is coin currency on
phorums. NotE: I used PH lol its catching.

The thing is I think your product for making coin currency forums is so innovative and it also combines affiliate marketing
and it needs to get out there in a targeted way. Was thinking it way before we had the conversation.

I am hoping some others will join in and come up with "OTHER" targeted ways to promote stuff mostly your forum.
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RE: Ideas for Promoting Pheeds, Or Any Program, Affiliate Offer Ect. - by Claire Koch - 03-19-2020, 02:39 AM

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