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Marketing Ethics Polls
(03-10-2020, 04:17 AM)Kurt Wrote: Another question about ethics. I bought a WP plugin on CodeCanyon. It was the standard license in that I can use it on one site.

However, I noticed in the download that the plugin included a GPL license, which means I can share the plugin pretty much any way I want (buy, sell, trade) as long as I pass on the same GPL license to the next person.

The guy that did this plugin obviously put in a lot of work to improve the scripts. On the other hand, he built it, probably using some already existing code and knew he had to pass on these rights.
I think the question is can you legally change the license if you recreate the script?  I'm not sure about that.   But I tend to think that if its put out at the original
license thats the license all he can do legally is sell it.  I think he would like to change it thats why he did it that way. But I'm not positive. That is something to
put some research into online for your script and everyone elses. People cannot do just anything. We all need to keep up to date on the rules out there.
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