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Pharmers Market (was County Fair)
Pharmers Market Rules:

You need to purchase a "subscription" for 2 days to be able to post an ad in the Pharmers Market.

A subscription is 750 cow chips and a limit of one new thread/ad per subscription.

200 Chips - Pin your thread for 24 hours.

400 Chips - Add a highlight to your thread.

See the "Subscriptions" link in your Cow Chips Manager:
Your Cow Chips

You MUST include the following disclaimer at the bottom of your original posts:
This offer has not be reviewed by anyone at Pheeds
and does not reflect Kurt's or anyone else at Pheeds' opinion.

You agree to resolve any issues between yourselves, the buyer and seller,
and not get the other members of Pheeds involved in any way.

Affiliate links are OK but must be plainly marked with (AFF).

One offer per ad.

No illegal, racist, stolen products or offers that harm others or their property.

We reserve the right to reject any thread for any or no reason.
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Pharmers Market (was County Fair) - by Kurt - 03-01-2020, 06:26 AM
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