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Why do marketers sell their secrets if they're so good?
I agree with every reason you listed, Kurt.

Why do I sell my "Secrets"? If the question is "Why don't you keep all your information to yourself?"

First,  I have no fear of competition...because even if I give everything I know away for free (Much of it I have on Forums)....nobody will use it.  Heck, I give seminars where I answer every question, and give it my best stuff...but almost nobody goes to the effort to implement. 

My biggest reason for selling books and courses is this...I don't want what took me a lifetime to die with me. I want this knowledge to survive. It seems like such a waste, if all that effort does with me. 

So, why am I selling it instead of just giving free downloads to everything? A little of it is that I want paid. But most of it is that if it's free, it won't be valued. Information that is costly is far more likely to be used.
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RE: Why do marketers sell their secrets if they're so good? - by Claude Whitacre - 03-02-2020, 06:41 PM

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