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Odds of a recession this year have jumped this week
(03-18-2020, 04:30 PM)cosmic77 Wrote: Thanks Kurt. My suggestion is to open a thread - Covid19 Survival marketing Ideas OR something like that.
I just read the US doctors report press release and they gave the "best case" casualty scenario as VERY bad (I dont want to quote figures here as its too upsetting)
My Ideas at the moment - Small membership club on Localised B2B helpline Information &  Networking, Free Webinars (to) Paid consultancy on supporting sales & Cashflow Ideas for New Home Business start Ups, etc....Any Other Ideas?

Feel free to start threads about topics. As a matter of fact, I've set up the Cow Chips so that starting threads (that people reply to) is the best way to earn cow chips and is highly encourage... Wink
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