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What was new in 2016 and still is
The trend is Mobile – #1 Priority Today (title in 2016 and valid for 2021)
So let’s get something straight. 2016 – a major shift with Search engines (specifically Google) caused many websites to loose rankings and visibility, even big companies did not count on the impact this caused on their "established Big Company website"

Since February 23, 2016, Google made several announcement that any website should use responsive design. Most websites using responsive design deal with slow load times which inherently have negative SEO consequences meaning your ranking is negatively impacted.

To make matters worse there is a site speed penalty for websites in the works per an announcement mid May by Google’s Matt Cutts. So, it seems like Google is changing the landscape of websites in that they are trying to put the mobile user first as many businesses should be doing. Common site delays are due to external JavaScript and CSS, extra coding on Websites to make them Mobile friendly/responsive.

Past websites are built on static platforms which means that they do not adjust to different screen sizes. Responsive websites are usually built using WordPress, Joomla, html and others, and require additional coding to adjust to mobile screen sizes. However due to the constant updating requirements of those platforms, their functionality can be compromised which can cause certain parts of those website to be hidden.

Let's fast forward, 2021
Shortly after I wrote the previous, then came AMP.
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and emphasis is being placed on websites being Mobile "FAST" loading.

Remember, when searching for a site, a message warned visitors: "This site is not secure".
It became the http = bad site craze, and SSL certificate provider got an extra short term boost. Thanks to "Let's Encrypt", which by now many hosting companies provide as a free service in their plans, we all got a break.

We are not finished yet.
You wanted to get better ranking for your site? The words Citation management and Reputation Management became new money grabbing services for us Internet Marketers, and businesses paid for that service (many overpaid,) but that's another story. Many newbies who called themselves Webdesigner or Experts in this and that, jumped on the wagon, and made it more difficult for businesses to separate good from bad providers.

There is also Videos (newest now is vertical style), and all the Social Media must have (or not), and endless more...

All these changes had a huge impact on Business websites, and who knows, what will be the next issue we have to tackle, when Search Engine come out with new algorithm adjustments.

I know, there is so much more we could discuss. But looking back just 5 years, and thinking about my first computer with MS-Dos, and dot-matrix printer, last century in a different universe.. and NO Covid, we were free.  Smile

It was fun to activate some retired brain cells.Hope you enjoy.
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(01-31-2021, 07:32 PM)onegerman Wrote: Shortly after I wrote the previous, then came AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and emphasis is being placed on websites being Mobile "FAST" loading.

Thanks made some really important points in your OP.

For those that aren't aware, AMP is Google's resource for creating fast mobile pages. It uses HTML and some other coding to make pages load ASAP. When you design things like Google Stories you will use AMP. There are WYSIWYG AMP creators and you can also dig directly into the code. Again, it's basically HTML.

Here's a thread that digs into Google Web Stories (which use AMP):
[SHORT CONTENT] Google Web Stories - Getting Started
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I helped my hair dresser get in the Google Pak
and what took her to the top was a little busness card
type mobile site I attached to her regular freebee
html site that loaded like a dream.

You don't need the latest greatest of anything you
need to keep up with the times and use something easy
to spearhead your rise.

Take that GOOGLE lol Angry Shy Sad Smile
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Adding this to the Foundation advice from years ago  - This will NEVER change & will only make your efforts multiply into growth mass results: The Internet Business Manifesto:

Missing Chapter
Final Word

Hope it helps someone...Respect to original OP "Richie"
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