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Why do marketers sell their secrets if they're so good?
Why do marketers sell their secrets if they're so good?

This is a question I've seen a lot over the years, but I've only seen snark replies and not any real "beef". (Pheeds => cows => beef...get it? Smile )

I can't speak for everyone that launches a product, but I can tell you my opinions and motivations.

First, "Why would someone sell their secrets" is a legit question. However, it is NOT a legit conclusion and is an ad hominem fallacy. Be suspicious but not absolute.

As a vendor, here are my reasons:

1. Ego. This is probably the most under-appreciated motivation in marketing, if not all of life. Don't underestimate being seen an "expert" does for the ego. Ever notice how many people that have spoken in front of crowds love to post those pics when promoting themselves? They're on a stage "above" everyone else.

2. Money. Yes, we think we'll make enough money to make it worth our while and that selling the product will make us more money than just using it ourselves. Hopefully vendors also consider the value to their customers and not just their own benefit.

3. Timing. Back in my SEO days I'd start getting hints in places like forums that other people were starting to figure out some things I already had. I figured if it was going to be made public, it may as well be by me. Just because you know a "secret" doesn't mean other people don't know it too.

4. I wanted it. This is something that goes against all traditional marketing advice, which is you don't create things for yourself you make them for the market. However, sometimes it makes perfect BUSINESS SENSE.

For example, I wanted Pheeders Membership Plugin to help with this Pheeds forum. I had it created for me. By offering it for sale I am making my investment back and using the money to finance further development for me and other Pheeders. It may not have been a perfect marketing decision, but it makes business sense to me.

5. Vendors also sell things when they don't fear competition. I'm not concerned about you competing with me with a similar forum. Just the opposite. I hope you are a part of the Forum Phorum (where we talk about forums) and we can work together.

There's a bunch of different "angles" even a marketing forum can have. Just make it look different and I'm sure we can think of ways that we both benefit.

Plus if any of you complain about "free speech"...I'm not stopping you from saying what you want and setting the rules on your own forum. I'll even help you get started. Smile

And there's an endless supply of other niches for your forums.
Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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This is an excellent article Kurt I agree on all the points that you made.  I would venture to say that pride is the biggest point.
But they don't know what else to sell but the skills they aquired while marketing and oh my goodness there is so much more
on the internet especially now.  In 1996 when I first came here there was nothing to sell and today the sky is the limit its almost
hard to choose what to sell there is so much.  Why sell your marketing skills today? but they still do. 

I think they are --> Stuck in a rut.

I had to stop buying those so called marketing secrets though because it was starting to get repetitive.
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I agree with every reason you listed, Kurt.

Why do I sell my "Secrets"? If the question is "Why don't you keep all your information to yourself?"

First,  I have no fear of competition...because even if I give everything I know away for free (Much of it I have on Forums)....nobody will use it.  Heck, I give seminars where I answer every question, and give it my best stuff...but almost nobody goes to the effort to implement. 

My biggest reason for selling books and courses is this...I don't want what took me a lifetime to die with me. I want this knowledge to survive. It seems like such a waste, if all that effort does with me. 

So, why am I selling it instead of just giving free downloads to everything? A little of it is that I want paid. But most of it is that if it's free, it won't be valued. Information that is costly is far more likely to be used.
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