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Advanced keyword method for your content made easy - Kurt - 05-06-2022

Here's an actionable method to take your SEO content to the next level using two free resources. This isn't just about ranking, it's about getting traffic. They aren't necessarily the same thing.

IM circles generally don't use the term "LSI" (Latent Semantic Indexing) correctly. Most of the keyword tools I've seen give a list of keyword phrases all using the same root word, like:
  • SEO tips
  • SEO content
  • SEO for Wordpress

LSI and "Co-Occurance" is really about the other words and phrases that help Google understand what a page is about. A page about "SEO for Wordpress" would probably have a number of phrases  that don't contain "SEO" like, "plugins", "Yoast", "RankMath", "H2 tags".

Here's the two best tools I've found to correctly grab LSI/Co-Occurance keywords:

This assumes you've already done keyword research and have selected your main keyword phrase for the focus on your page and content.

These two work in different ways and when combined they are extremely powerful.

1. TxtOptimizer - Free. Lists LSI keywords missing from a page.

Do a google for your main keyword phrase. Then go to TextOptimizer and enter the URL for each of the three highest ranking pages. Copy the missing keywords into a text document and sort alphabetically, then check for words and phrases that appear multiple times.

The advertised benefit of TextOptimizer is to find keywords and topics to make your page look more relevant to Google.

This is good, but there's another BIG benefit. When combined with your main keyword, these missing keywords give you combos of keyword phrases the top sites don't have. And it's these keyword combinations that can really drive traffic.

2. ScaleNut (aff) - Free trial then free membership level. Lists the most used LSI keywords from the top ranked pages for that keyword phrase. Note that ScaleNut calls them "NLP" keywords. Obviously, the most used keywords on the top ranking pages help those pages rank.

Which LSI Keywords to Use? Be Productive, Not Perfect.

Using both tools, you should have a big list of keywords. It's going to be just about impossible to include them all in a good piece of content.

Start with the keywords ScaleNut lists as having the highest "IMPORTANCE" rating. Then add TextOptimizer's most common "missing" keywords. Next, go through and add other keywords from your research.

You need content focused on your main keyword phrase, so create it. (Captain Obvious)

For the LSI/secondary keywords, include the ones that create good, helpful content as quickly and easily as possible. SEO is more about creating content and putting words on pages than it is about perfect SEO. If you can't quickly create a paragraph or two of good content for a particular keyword phrase, move on to the next.

Advice and Info for ScaleNut <= My affiliate link

I recently discovered ScaleNut and I am taking a serious look at it. ScaleNut is a very powerful AI content writer and keyword research tool. It may be the best AI content writer I've used. And  it's the only AI writer that includes SEO keyword research. It's closest competition is probably SurferSEO, but IMO ScaleNut is better and cheaper.

When you sign up for a free account, it gives you a free 7-day full-featured trial. Plan ahead and use it to your full benefit. After the trial is over, you'll only be able to do keyword research for 2 keywords a month and the AI writing features become severely limited.

Even with the paid plans the keyword research reports are pretty limited for lower-level members. But they are extremely potent for folks wanting to create SEO-friendly, quality content.

The long form content writer is also limited in the free and lower membership levels. But...even the lowest level ($12/month paid annually) gives you unlimited short form characters. To be honest, the short form possibilities are endless and the content I've been producing with it has been very good.

ScaleNut <= My affiliate link to sign up for the free trial. I'll only make money if you decide you like it and upgrade.

PS. Links to both TextOptimizer and ScaleNut tools are also available from the Content Silo page.