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How to make the fastest loading HTML templates using free tools - Kurt - 01-16-2022

Not every site you create needs to be a blog that's loaded with features and code you may not need. Generally speaking, a "blog" is dynamic. Every time a page is viewed by a browser, your web server needs to recreate the page by pulling different elements together.

HTML pages are static, meaning if you want to make or change them you do it on your own computer then upload them to your web server. The server/host doesn't have to build the page each time, just show it. HTML pages also tend to use far less code. These two things make static HTML pages much faster. Wordpress plugins that make your pages faster are trying to convert your dynamic pages to static pages.

I am oversimplifying a bit and you can mix and match static and dynamic elements of pages, but you should get the general idea.
  • Static html pages also don't require any special hosting features or requirements like "PHP version 566.029".
  • They take up far less space on hosts where storage space is valuable.
  • Almost anything you can do with a blog you can do with a "stand alone" scripts, which has a slightly higher learning curve than using plugins using WP. And in some cases you can do a lot more with HTML.
  • For a noob there's probably a lower learning curve to get a site up and running with "old fashioned html" than a blog.

One of the main benefits of WP is the themes. But even this can be accomplished using a couple of free tools. I spent a lot of time looking for premade themes that did what I needed, but decided to use an old program from waaaaay back.

Artisteer is a web theme/template design tool. The free version will let you export the themes as HTML or even WP themes. The paid versions let you export the themes you create for Woocommerce, Joomla etc:

The "catch"for the free version is it won't save your projects. But it does allow you to export your work as HTML themes. You need to do it all in "one shot" because you can't save it as a project, but once you create and export a theme you can open it in a WSYWIG web editor.

I use Sea Monkey, which is a browser and a composer. It has its faults, like writing "ugly" code, but it will get the job done and I haven't found anything I like better.

Rytr - (affilate) - Writing good, unique and helpful content about just practically any topic makes creating niche sites extremely fast and easy.

Use Artisteer to design a theme...maybe create three versions with one, two and three columns. Use Rytr to help create the content and Sea Monkey to add the content and customize the theme.

Sometimes we get blinded by "the shining" from all the latest tech. Let's not over-look the fact that sites built with HTML have a lot of advantages, especially for small niche sites built for low competition keywords to build on cheap web hosting.