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How about some quick emergency tips? - Kurt - 02-18-2021

If you have any tips for prepping for disasters and emergencies please post them here. I'm not a "prepper or survivalist" by any means but I do believe everyone should be prepared for a variety of situations, including having a minimum of 2-3 weeks of food, water, meds, etc.

Here's some tips you may not find elsewhere...

A case of Sterno and a folding camping stove. Lighters, matches, candles. I keep a lot of rubbing alcohol on hand and it makes a great fuel for DIY lanterns. 

Two water filters: One for chemicals like a Brita and another for biohazards like a Sawyer. A lot of people in Texas are soon going to wish they had these along with the knowledge of how to purify water. 

Wool blanket and clothes/socks. Unlike almost every other material wool keeps its warming abilities when wet. And remember if it's cold and wet...cotton kills. 

A deck of cards and a pair of dice. Boredom can become a real issue in survival situations. 

If it's cold put a couple of gallon milk jugs filled 3/4 with water outside to freeze then put in your fridge to help keep it cooler and preserve food.  

Nuts and protein powders/"instant breakfasts". These can withstand hot and cold temps, don't require cooking and are calorie and nutrition dense. Canned food won't withstand a freeze. 

Cash. If the power grid goes down your ATM card may not work. 

Keep your car's gas tank full not only for transportation but as an energy source. Have a "go bag" ready with some clothes, medications and important papers that you can grab and go.

RE: How about some quick emergency tips? - Kurt - 02-18-2021

On another thread I posted about pallet wrap and IMO is a really underrated survival tool. It's cheap and you can get it at places like OfficeMax/Lowes, etc. 

Use it to:
Make solar ovens and heaters
Replace a broken home/car window
Cover windows for extra insulation (works great)Use as a sling, cast, gurney
Make a raincoat/poncho/head gear
Make a tent
Make a greenhouse
Divide a room to make it easier to heat
Twist into rope/cordage
Make containers
Wrap food

This may not be the most environmental use of pallet wrap but I'm using it because it really shows what pallet wrap is and how it can be used...(and it's cheap)