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About The Stampede - Kurt - 11-19-2020

The Stampede is dedicated to posting the best curated video training for business and marketing. The goal here isn't to just post random marketing videos. Instead if you watch a couple of videos on a topic, post the best one here. Or if you come across a really good "one of a kind" video relevant to Pheeds, be sure to post it here too

Also include a brief outine as well as links to resouorces mentioned in the videos.


RE: About The Stampede - Kurt - 11-26-2020

The "Wadsworth Constant" is big part of the philisophy of the Stampede forum.
Quote:The Wadsworth Constant is the idea (and 2011 meme) that one can safely skip past the first 30 percent of any YouTube video without missing any important content.

It shouldn't be taken literally, but it does have merit: Get to the point!

Posting concise videos with just a few notes about the content of the videos here can really help others avoid the Wadsworth Constant. Smile