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Attention - - Kurt - 07-27-2020

Attention: For anyone trying to lose weight, has a donkey for sale or wants to become a better person, the domain name is available for anyone to register. Wink

It may actually be a pretty good domain name, I'm just too busy to do anything with it right now. From a type-ability ASSES on the keyboard couldn't get any easier and is one the best domains for typing you'll find.

I'm here to help.

RE: Attention - - Kurt - 07-29-2020

In honor of guess's another interesting domain that's available at the time of this post:

Because every home is a castle and every king needs a throne.

RE: Attention - - Pearson458 - 07-30-2020

We'll get to the bottom of this.

RE: Attention - - Kurt - 08-02-2020

Here's another really interesting name that's available:

.to is $40 a year, but this name has a lot of potential.

RE: Attention - - Kurt - 08-20-2020

Anyone else see the irony of this domain name that just became available?