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All About Pheeds Cow Chips - Kurt - 01-04-2020

Cow Chips are the Pheeds currency and you can earn them by engaging in the Phorum. You can exchange them for special priveledges, access and downloads.

I'll use this thread to post announcements and news about Pheeds Cow Chips.

Since Pheeds is new, the Cow Chip system should be considered beta and the number of chips you get and give will very likely change. Be sure to check your User Control Panel for the current rates.

Here's how you get Pheeds Cow Chips:
Quote:4 Cow Chips for a new post.

4 Cow Chips for a new thread.

4 Cow Chips for a new poll.

.02 Cow Chips you get per character (in your new threads and new posts).

200 minimum characters required qualify for Chow Chips per character.

4 Cow Chips when someone else votes on one of your polls.

4 Cow Chips for each reply to a thread that you started.

4 Cow Chips every time you rate a thread.

1 Cow Chip every time you visit the forum.

Please don't try to take advantage of the system. Cow Chips are for rewarding helpful members and not a way to get free stuff. Trying to game the system may cause you to lose your chips and privileges and possibly be banned.

RE: How to get Pheeds Cow Chips - Kurt - 01-04-2020

Reserved for updates...

RE: How to get Pheeds Cow Chips - Kurt - 01-04-2020

How to use Cow Chips:

Subscribe to the Pharmers Market and and post an ad.

Sticky your ad to the top of the Pharmers Market to give it more attention.

"Highlight" the title of a thread you started so it stands out.

Make a bet with another Phorum member:

Get access to downloads and private forums.

Donate to someone for the "best" reply to a thread you start.

RE: All About Pheeds Cow Chips - Kurt - 01-13-2020

Tip: The best way to get Cow Chips is to start threads that get a lot of replies. You get 4 chips for starting a thread PLUS 4 chips for every reply you get to your thread, with respect to the minimum length requirement for posts and replies to count.

Tip: You also get chips for replying to others, voting on their polls and for helping other members by rating threads.

RE: All About Pheeds Cow Chips - Angelluc - 04-11-2020

This is an interesting way of engaging members of a forum and trying to keep it vivid as that is mostly the problem with forums, keep it engaging. I will follow this as it can be interesting for me in the future too although I am not sure yet how exactly I would use it. Although I like the cows haha I will not use that anyway but something with a funny touch is certainly a good idea. Thanks for the example.