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Biggest Mistake? - Inixtyre - 06-30-2020

What do you think is your biggest mistake you made with your business? Mine was becoming a partner with a relative and I ignored the advice to never do business with friends or family.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - LynnM - 06-30-2020

Not taking action.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - Kurt - 07-01-2020

Just one? Wink

One (of many) was when I first started in IM thinking others were competitors instead of looking at them as potential partners.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - Jeffery - 07-01-2020

Not building a list.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - JoeSpirit - 07-02-2020

It'll take me a while to figure out what the biggest one was. And then I'd be hard put to determine how long that one will stay at the top of the list.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - Kurt - 07-02-2020

Yeah we should probably make a list instead of trying to just pick one. [Image: wink.png]

This is just one of my many issues. (Click to play):

RE: Biggest Mistake? - Claire Koch - 07-05-2020

I made a lot of mistakes but in the process of doing this I helped some people.  I try not to focus on the 
mistakes because they have to be made in order to progress.  I like to think I made a difference in someones life
and I tried to do that.   I tried to partner with someone who I am pretty sure had mental issues.  All I can say is
don't do that.  I think that was my biggest mistake.

RE: Biggest Mistake? - Pearson458 - 07-10-2020

I based my whole businesses on quizzes written using Flash. I knew that Flash was being gradually phased out but I was going through a divorce and thought I had the time to deal with it. Then I started getting complaints that my quizzes didn't work any more. Lost most of my business.