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Sneaky domain name hack - Kurt - 04-05-2020

Here's a little "gray hat" trick I use.

Get a domain name similar to this:

Note the com- at the beginning of the domain name and it's a .info extension.

com-specials most likely isn't available, but brainstorm words you can use in place of "special".

Using Namecheap or other register service (or Cpanel) add a subdomain redirect to it such as:

And the domain will appear as:

It makes the domain look like it is:

You can use any keywords as the "sub domain" and it will look relevant. Just try to come up with a good generic word to use with com- at the begining.

Some examples:

RE: Sneaky domain name hack - Kurt - 06-11-2020

Here's how to create a sub domain redirect using NameCheap so you can point URLs like in my OP above anywhere on the Web.