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Your sitcoms by era - Kurt - 02-28-2020

It's hard for me to pick a favorite sitcom of all time because they changed so much over time. How about your favorite sitcoms from different TV eras/decades?

In about the order they aired:

Jack Benny - He holds up really well still.

Phil Silvers/Sgt. Bilko - Great cast of of TV roll players.

Leave it to Beaver "That's a fine looking dress you have on Mrs. Cleaver." - Eddie Haskell

McHale's Navy - Wally makes me laugh. Tim Conway got most of the attention but Joe Flynn was just as funny.

Dick Van Dyke - Growing up I thought going to work and cracking jokes was the best job in the world. I wasn't wrong. Smile

Addams Family - Al the characters are fun.

Gilligan's island - I think this was the first series where I saw all the reruns a bunch of times. I'll catch an episode or two a year still and it's funnier than I remember.

All in the Family - I think younger generations miss the intent of the show. It was the first sitcom to point out issues in our society. It tackled these issues with humor and a way that had never been done before.

Soap - Burt and Bob and Chuck...I'm laughing just typing this.

Cheers - "It's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear." - Norm Peterson

Seinfeld - Shrinkage...

Two and a Half Men - The ones with Charlie. Walden sucks.

Big Bang - I liked the nerds better when they were all single and the first 5-6 years were good.

What's yours? I think I'm missing some???

RE: Your sitcoms by era - Kurt - 02-28-2020

Classic sitcom duels:

RE: Your sitcoms by era - Jeffery - 02-28-2020

Can't think of a favorite, but I couldn't watch much T.V. growing up.

Lost in Space
Sanford and Son
The Brady Bunch
Wooster World Wink