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Pitch a TV show - Kurt - 02-24-2020

What are your ideas for TV shows?

I have two. First, the 3 Manning bros buy Cheers. Peyton plays a character like in his SNL skit that parodies his good guy image. Cooper would be part Eddie Haskell and part Arliss and Eli would fill the Coach/Woody role...and Norm and Cliff would still be sitting at the bar.

Next is a Rockford Files reboot. Remember how Rockford used to have a mini printing press and would print fake business cards? Take it a step further with computer graphics and print on demand and 3D printing. Rockford could print a shirt to look like worker at a country club or print a hat that said just about anything.

Here's Peyton in the SNL skit...I think it's one of the funniest ever and he's actually a good comedy actor.

RE: Pitch a TV show - Jeffery - 02-24-2020

Fred Sanford, played by Redd Foxx in the TV show Sanford and Son.

An idea:
LaWanda Page aka "Aunt Esther" hooks up Fred with a white blind date. Fred looks up and addresses Weezy "Elizabeth"..

"I may be a few minutes late Weezy." Wink

RE: Pitch a TV show - BobKa - 02-26-2020

Lets bring back Pee Wee Herman hosting the Gong show!