Full Version: The Billy Mays commercial manuscripts
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These are 21 copywriting manuscripts from the late Billy Mays TV infomercials. You can see he pretty much has a formula that he uses for each commercial.

Here's one of his commercials. The PDF above has links to more of his commercials.

Cool. Thanks.
Loved Billy and thought he had a great method of connecting with his audience. Thanks for this!
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Bingo Bango. My salespages are smiling. This is a magnificent gift I can't wait to make use of
as I start to create sales pages for things. I have resell rights stuff and I really want to create
something different then the usual. There's a whole slew of people using the sales pages they
got with the products. This is not WONDERFUL!

I ran across another great copywriting page i will try to find it and post it here I also thought
it would be good for my salespages but not an infocomercial